Wesley Brotherhood

The Wesley Brotherhood is the new name for the rebranded Methodist Men and thus, the Black Creek Methodist Men. This will take time and you may hear both names used for a while. 

Your Wesley Brotherhood leadership team is offering  33 The Series AUTHENTIC MANHOOD.

Authentic Manhood Classes Available

33 The Series - Volume 1 "A MAN and his DESIGN"

33 The Series - Volume 2 "A MAN and his STORY"

33 The Series - Volume 3 "A MAN and his TRAPS"

33 The Series - Volume 4 "A MAN and his WORK"

33 The Series - Volume 5 "A MAN and his MARRIAGE"

33 The Series - Volume 6 "A MAN and his FATHERHOOD"

For your convenience, classes will be offered via internet/ zoom. If you are interested in learning how to be a better man, please consider joining one of these classes and work your way through the series. Call any leader to order your book and sign up.

If you have any questions, please ask one of us.

Your Wesley Brotherhood Leadership Team

Ray Ashcraft  •   904-860-6162

Tommy Wilder  •   904-874-1756

James Cooper  •   904-310-2808