Worship Ministry

“The heart of worship is the celebration of God”  -John E. Burkhart from his book “Worship”

  • Chancel Choir

    The Chancel Choir performs on Sunday mornings vary.

    The Chancel Choir is very special group of performers of all ages that work hard to get the congregation to hear the message they sing in song.

    The Chancel Choir practices on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. 

    They would love to have new members and are constantly asking for help. You don’t have to be able to read music. It helps, but as long as you can follow the notes they would love to have you.

    If you would like to join the Chancel Choir and help celebrate God, join them at any practice or reach out to Susan Hendry.

  • Praise Band

    The Praise Band performs on Sunday mornings at the 11am Service in the Sanctuary.

    The Praise Band is a mixed group of performers ranging in age from 15 to over 50.  They love the Lord, love singing praises to Him and play to glorify God. 

    They come together with guitars, a keyboard, vocalists, and a drummer.

    They perform contemporary music heard from the radio and occasionally good ole fashion hymns.

    The Praise Band practices on Wednesdays at 4:30pm. 

    If you would like to join the band and help celebrate God, join them at any practice or reach out to Paul Jacobs.

  • Bell Choir

    The Bell Choir performs at special services. They also perform off-site at care centers when possible.

    The Bell Choir consist of 11 or 12 players of all ages who have special notes to play in a song. They are able to mark their music so they know when to play their designated bell. They work hard to get the audience to hear the message in song.

    This group does take a break during the summer months.

    The Bell Choir practices on Mondays at 3:45pm. 

    They would love to have new members!

    If you would like to join the Bell Choir and help celebrate God, join them at any practice or reach out to Susan Hendry.

  • Altar Guild

    The purpose of the Altar Guild is to prepare the Sanctuary for worship.

    Members usually serve one or two months during the year. 

    Members of the altar guild do things like tidy the entry area in the back of the church, change altar cloths, refill the Pastor's water glass between services, mark the bibles with the bible verse each week, and so much more.

    They are currently in need of new members. If you are interested please contact Karen Kwaak at 904-759-9205 or email

  • Acolytes

    I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go into the house of the Lord!" ~ Psalm 122:1
    "If we walk in the light, we have fellowship one with another." ~1 John 1:7

    What is an Acolyte?

    The presence of the light reminds us of Jesus' coming into our world and into our lives. The light is carried into the worship service as a symbol of Jesus' coming into the presence of the worshiping community. Many congregations use two candles on the altar to point out that Jesus was both a human being and God. At the end of the service, the light is carried out into the world to show that Jesus Christ is for all people everywhere; the acolyte leaves the worship service at the pastor's direction, carrying out the lighted candle lighter. This symbolizes the light of Jesus Christ going out into the world where believers are to serve.

    Being an Acolyte:

    The Acolytes ministry provides children with a meaningful opportunity to be involved and serve in the Lord's House as helpers and attendants in the Worship service. The acolyte children develop responsibility to be on time and fulfill his/her obligations. It takes a little courage initially to stand up before the congregation and perform the duties. Do not worry acolytes are trained before they perform their duties. Generally, we have children from grades 2nd-6th grade. But we are opening this up to ALL church members, children, youth & adults.

    Please contact the church office if you or your child is interested in becoming an acolyte.